Kala and Tom

 Kala and Tom were a blast to photograph!  It was so much fun to get to know them, their families, and all their friends. The day was extra sunny and bright and everything turned out gorgeous!  Unfortunately, the groom had gotten a pretty bad sunburn the day before, so I'm not sure how good all that sunshine felt to him!  :)  Kala and Tom took it all in stride and, in fact, I think the sunburn looks good on him!

Their wedding and reception took place at one of the most beautiful and unique venues we have ever seen - a wildlife rehabilitation facility near Perry, MI.  Once everything was decorated by the couple and family members it all looked amazing (check out the pictures of the bridge - especially at night)!  Congratulations Kala and Tom!

 We had a great experience! Mike and Lisa are wonderful to work with and their work is wonderful! I love how flexible they were, and how good the pictures turned out even when we had no idea what we actually wanted to shoot! They went with the flow of my crazy wedding schedule perfectly! Wonderful people and amazing photographers!




















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